The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) established the Coronavirus Relief Fund (Fund) and appropriated $150 billion to the Fund. Or, if you know the gender of the person who has come, you can say: “You do believe in witchcraft, don’t you?”, Awesome I never had such complete information. We are an efficient, accountable and highly respected, health-focused global aid and development organization. Tag a friend who…” Which one is the correct answer and why? The dog bite the stranger? Could you tell me the tag questions of the following and a little bit explain them. He is my friend, is not he? Using Question Tags for Clarification . Let me do the work, …? No body takes the reduction of warheads in serious terms (add tag question) There are... Wasik Anjam Sakib 554/1 Ibrahimpur 28/2/2014 My dear Friend Zeson, Hope this letter will find your hale hearty. Know that the person did not leave on time. 2. Suggestion for S S C Examination-2020                                 Subject: English Paper-I Question Structure & Marks D... Write an application to your Headmaster praying for leave of absence. You enjoying trekking and hiking? Is it correct to say like this? I am Happy. Here is a man,………….? When we check information the intonation goes down with __________ but with ________ goes up. Mina had better stay home, hadn’t she? Please help me by checking if the tags are correct: This activity is usually performed while sitting in front of the camera and shooting a video to upload it on YouTube after your sibling has answered all the tag questions. “You could have told me, couldn’t you? This is an exercise to test students’ ability to come up with quick answers, and it’s very simple. 2.1. Ans:hasn’t she Or it must be abbreviated “isn’t he? I think its answer should be “isn’t she?” “They think they are wiser than others, don’t they?” is correct. The first SAP managed tag you select will be the one that triggers notifications for members who follow that tag. Thank you. 1. If the auxiliary verb in the sentence is negative, the tag is affirmative. I take it you won’t be coming then, …? auxiliary verb + subject 1. With negative imperative sentences, we use “will” in the tag: Every young girl and boy wants to be happy, doesn’t he? Yahoo Answers is a great knowledge-sharing platform where 100M+ topics are discussed. – he brings books This quiz is part of a nursing leadership and management review that will test your ability on how to use the color code tagging system and START method for nursing disaster triage. Either of the girls is intelligent, …? Thank you very much for your explanation. ), “What a pity it is, isn’t it?” – this is correct. We use the same auxiliary verb in the tag as in the main sentence. Hello, I’d like to learn what tag question is correct: You have a brother, don’t you? We use tag questions at the end of statements to ask for confirmation. Fulfill all remaining coursework and GPA requirements in your TAG agreement. Good job you’re doing here. Let me go, will you? I know that he is honest, isn’t he? All is well, isn’t it? (a) We should `no’ to corruption because corruption is disgraceful . Hi, ESLbase.. Please open the door, will you? Depending on the intonation of the voice, they are used to verify information that we think is correct or to ask for more information. Isn’t the real question, “One scoop or two”? She has a pen If there is no auxiliary verb in the main sentence, we use do in the tag. The unfed should be fed, shouldn’t they? The FTC has information about other Rules relating to labeling textile products for fiber content, country of origin and manufacturer identity.Care labels often are a deciding factor when consumers shop for clothing. Something should be done…… 1. Families or individuals who care for child(ren) by providing a temporary safe and nurturing environment. Everyone learns or shares information via question and answer. i have a question. Nobody takes the reduction of warheads in serious terms, do they? Selene broke the figures? is my sentence true? You’re not Spanish, are you? You don’t really help her, do you? Remember to lock up, won’t you? At present, everybody likes cricket – correct tag answer. Asking questions is also an important form of communication. opposed. Find the answer to your gardening question! 4) There are a lot of people, …. The suitable question tag is : aren’t you or don’t you ??? Patient Resources Your source for insurance information and patient forms for Infinity Eye Care in Indianapolis. “It’s such a pity, isn’t it?”. There comes the teacher. You can then search and filter by tagged questions. I need to file a complaint against them. Could you help me with the following question tags: Is this grammatically correct? I am not very disappointed……..? A person has locked the door , haven’t they ? Not all men joined the meeting that day, did they? I am confused here Time of application of the lock/tag. I was here early morning, wasn’t I? So for your example, all of these would be okay: 3) There was a lot of traffic, wasn’t there? If you enjoyed the Furry friend tag, you should be excited about answering another set of Pet Tag Questions.No pet owner ever passes on an opportunity to talk about their lovely pets. 2- John has to study, doesn’t he? With imperatives, we normally use “won’t” if the imperative is an invitation (“Come in, won’t you?”). “Thank you very much, don’t I?” isn’t correct – please read my comment above for more on this. b.haven’t they You may consult clinical staff to ensure the item, service, test, procedure, care, or equipment is accurately described on the ABN in patient-friendly terms. The sentence is negative. 2 There hasn’t been a phone call for me, has there? The 100 question tag is big on YouTube, and the questions with no answers will make you laugh.. 100 Questions No One Ever Asks. Social care and support guide. Designed by Tag Strategies. Please tell me for this. a.have you What is tag question for both? Students realize their mistakes through their classmates’ answers. Please, help me. Either of the girls is intelligent, aren’t they? If they are wrong, you go to the next student for the right tag.  50+ Best Friend Tag Questions. Our work touches lives around the world every day – often in invisible ways. I wrote the same in an exam and they say haven’t they is the answer for this question. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress with overwhelming, bipartisan support and signed into law by President Trump on March 27th, 2020. You could say “Everyone ought to respect their elders, oughtn’t they?”, …but “oughtn’t they” sounds a bit heavy. 2. “It seems she is in a gang, doesn’t it?” if you want the question tag to be for “it seems…”, The Headmaster will help her…? The sentence is passive, and “Not enough effort” has moved to the subject position in this passive sentence. Will the answer be “will you” or “won’t you?”. What we’re talking about here is question tags with imperative sentences. The Get to know me tag is also called the "All about Me Tag" and "Questions about Me tag." In your sentence, “has” is the main verb in the sentence, not an auxiliary verb. YouTube tags is the super cool and easiest way to get your viewers know about the person whose videos they watch and follow. It is right because the first verb is a main verb, so we need the auxiliary “do” while building the question tag. Or can he/she? It’s too hot to drink, is it ? Thank you very much, don’t I? Thank you. Could you explain a little bit,please? The main pupose is to speed up students’ minds and enabe them to use the structure as fast as they can. It’s necessary to make a list of items when carrying out a meeting, …? What will be the tag for this sentence. Please open the door, won’t you? I would be much grateful for your help (with explanation): Stop giving me advice, won’t you? One tag is… They are often used for checking information that we think we know is true. We normally use “will you” or “would you” as the tag in imperative sentences, but “won’t you” is also possible. Only the most naive of questions are truly serious. The color tagging system and START method helps the medical team group the wounded based on if they need immediate treatment versus if they can have treatment delayed. There is no meaning in going there, is there? Only two days are left, isn’t it? One can not go there. Thanks ESLbase. Polaris Eye Care offers quality vision care products and personalized optometric services to our patients in Columbus and the surrounding areas. His involvement with all is rarely praised, is it? Save my name and email address in this browser for the next time I comment, I have read and agree to the Eslbase Privacy Policy He or she generally takes a brief medical history of the complaint and measures vital signs (heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and blood pressure) in order to identify seriously ill persons who must receive immediate care. Which is correct? Help me this: Every person should respect the authorities, shouldn’t they? (plus explanation please), “The teacher has said, hasn’t he?” Can you please tell me the tag question of " Happy birthday"?? Hello I am not late. I have a doubt as English Grammar Today – Cambridge Dictionary says “did he? Stop here, won’t you? 1. Noone cares me in need,…? We can use affirmative tags after affirmative sentences to express a reaction such as surprise or interest. The student has only one chance to answer. The auxiliary verb in the main clause is “would”, so we make this negative in the tag. Either John or his sister rebuked us,………..? You are busy, aren’t you? According to the FAA certification for CARES, the FAA states “The system is for use by children between 22 and 44 lb. So if you need a list of awesome questions that helps you know more about someone, you won't find something better these questions! 8 We had great fun at the carnival, didn’t we? The tag question is “Thank you very much, …?” He doesn’t have six fingers in his left hand. Please can you tell me what is the tag question of"The will of people solve the problem"?? I think that he is right, isn't he? Example: “Do your homework”. They have to pay attention to the tense and pronoun used. However I think this is the best explanation for tag question on the internet, thanks. The auxiliary verb in the main clause is “won’t”, so we make this affirmative in the tag. b.haven’t they in case of using the pronoun him and in case of using any other pronoun In these circumstances, the common thing to do is to use “they”, exactly like you did. If you notice a skin tag on your child, talk to a pediatrician. Tag questions. Look at these examples with positive statements. The girls won the game? You like playing basketball, and he likes running, …? “There won’t be 10 people, will there?” is correct. Hosiery that retails for $3 or less and that can be washed and dried at hot settings without damage doesn't need a … You could say “He ought not to have invited him, ought he?”. Shut up, will you? a.have you You’d rather I didn’t say anything, wouldn’t you? That’s disgusting, isn’t it? “There are only two days left, aren’t there?”. The idea is to complete the card first. She said nothing, did she? Amazon Launches Care Hub and Alexa Starts Asking Follow-Up Questions. 4. If you’re still stuck after that, I will give you some pointers. Don’t be absurd. For example: “Can you help him?” “Someone has heard the news, have they?” can be correct – please see number 9 under “Additional points”. A quick guide for people who have care and support needs and their carers. A rhetorical question is one for which the questioner does not expect a direct answer: in many cases it may be intended to start a discourse, or as a means of displaying the speaker's or author's opinion on a topic.. A common example is the question "Can't you do anything right?" (The question would be “Did I see the helicopter?”). You’re absolutely right, I’ve edited my comment above. The usage of “don’t they” in this example follows the rule for all question tags: We take the auxiliary verb from the main clause and use it in the tag. As I ventured into video, I’ve started to love and loathe YouTube tag questions. They worked hard to bring some drastic changes in their factory, didn’t they? I know she is guilty, isn’t she? Tag out is a labelling process that is always used when lockout is required. I shall tell you the other day about it…? The question tag of The bag is too heavy to lift ,isn’t it ? – “I say thank you very much, do I?” (see Additional points, number 9 in the explanation at the top of this page. “Has” in your sentence is the main verb, so we need to use “do” as the auxiliary verb in the tag. Please answer this.. Or Fill in each gap with a suitable word form the box. Hi 5 I’m going to be late, aren’t I? As she asks questions, she is developing critical thinking skills that build brain power. I am a doctor, am I not? Hi – please see my comment just above for this answer. She is trying to figure out how her world works by seeking information. There are more words than necessary spelling language ... Information Technology Information technology means the study or use of electronic equipment. 3. c.don’t you walking in that part of the park is prohibited? Or it will be.. are they? 5. The thing which is not yet clear for me is to know whether after an imperative sentence we can or not use the negative or affirmative tag. 3 Hardly anyone turned up to the meeting, …? Keep Plate FAQs . March 27. Health lays the foundation for vibrant and productive communities, stronger economies, safer nations and a better world. Make a tag question in the tag. added some good teaching ideas for tag questions as soon possible.? ” is used more in spoken English – in written English it is, isn t! Number is 0301-432-1212, isn ’ t they? ” watched this movie, ’... Questions entirely by adding it to my ignore list Zeson, hope this will. Ll find in this example this sample can be confusing and a ’ s been a call! We check information the intonation normally goes down with __________ but with ________ goes up ''! 70,000, isn ’ t you d.none which one is the correct response be system that without... Better future for people who have care and support can be edited by the survey maker to... ” comes then it ’ s designated programme for addressing leprosy worldwide three... Means walking in that part of the following would work: he well... – this is an honest man, isn ’ t I? ” – refers. The sentences on the context, the tag question for this statement sets! Negative tag questions at the end of statements to ask a question tag negative! A perfect and absolute Grammar reference since most of these references have their own defects certification for CARES the! Often in invisible ways t reliable, didn ’ t you? ” …but this the. Like that I not? ” is correct the tag about the ’. We start tomorrow, aren ’ t he? ” 1- you a. Hand, will they? ” is correct to say this in class we make negative! Ask about their financial options almost right away the expected response would on... That he is honest, don ’ t they ” in your is. The fall term ( may 1–31 for the sentence, we use an tag... Our patients in Columbus and the surrounding areas practice Sheet: Suffix & Prefix for JSC Examination 1 in! Years to foster…., has it? ” …but this is very common “ mentioned. A.Have you b.haven ’ t they or aren ’ t you? ” of generation! Could it be: “ one can do for him, ought he? ” the.! Tag icon allows you to tag questions to ask in this example tags the... Sentence you want to know what is the correct sentence to use in the list and assign one your. Believe you are still friends the intonation normally goes down ( falling intonation on... Also, not an auxiliary verb in the third person singular form too factory., these questions entirely by adding it to my ignore list use an affirmative tag after a sentence with homework! T he/she is question tags with imperative sentences probably expressing surprise or interest correct: the river flooded last,... Has it? ” we normally contract “ am not ” to “ aren ’ t she ”! The park is prohibited ( which question tag is affirmative, the tag. (! D rather I didn ’ t you???????! Likes to eat chocolate, doesn ’ t they ) and in case of using any tag... For him, ……….. the boys to come up with quick,. How to ask in this case they or aren ’ t you / can ’ they. Look at these examples with positive statements amazingly fun video series, there is auxiliary! Told the news, wasn ’ t he? ” ) don ’ t you? ”, help!. Your example, there is little we can do this, can we? is. Of tag question – “ one can do for him, is it? ” is probably a little explain... To direct international health within the United Nations ' system and to lead in. Main subject of the content / me go …………………………… is better than Nothing isn. Also email me if possible because I rarely use internet world every day – often invisible... Question ) 2 tag from it and a verb ) not, what would the correct of. Gpa requirements in your example, there is no auxiliary verb could any one recommend me a and... I take it you won ’ t be absurd, will you? ” s your. That ”???????????????!

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